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The Success Formula.

Experts combine fundamental analysis, analyst probability, Glassdoor ratings, and retail vs institutional money powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Bringing the best of smart money, top bloggers and analysts, and machine learning for the Retail Investor. Hedvantage is a chart output that shows readers what are the best stocks at any given time out of US and global equities. It actively monitors the earnings potential and growth rates of the fastest Growing companies so you can know when to enter a position. With our analysts, we can share why certain equities are better buys then others. Unfortunately its not 100% algorithmic..but Alogirithm with commentary.

Fundamental analysis, In Real Time

Hedvantage identifies the fastest growing companies.
In tech (at the current time).
And as the stock price and growth rates of companies
Change, our APIs pick up on analysts, bloggers, retail
vs institutional money and company growth rates.

Daily updated, on-demand, powered by algorithms and APIs.

Daily updated, on-demand, algorithmically curated.
Hedvantage makes sense of all this data out there.
Anything that is not significant will be known to you.
Whatever you believe is significant you will understand
When you view our charts you will see a comparison of What is the likelihood of overpaying for something vs.

Hedvantage Tracks.

Stocks that are more likely to do well over the next year

Delivering you with places to enter the market

See how stocks are found

Stocks that you should sell a portion of

See how companies start to deteriorate

Alerts regarding

Analyst & Blogger Opinion changes and Smart Money vs. Retail on any particular stocks

See how we find new opportunities
See the stocks that are likely to do well over the next year

Delivering you with places to enter the stock.

Good stocks do not stay cheap too long usually.

Many people are afraid of buying certain stocks near all time highs Yet the largest winners over time happen to keep making new highs.Find the right companies that are not too expensive and hold them for years.

The biggest gainers fly under the radar

Long term buy recommendations to get the largest return Often are companies that are a bit smaller than the mega caps. This Information is crucial for a healthy growth portfolio

Hedvantage follows Gartner, institutions, customer reviews, analyst & blogger ratings and valuation. We package all crucial data in real time (or within 24 hours) - so that you do not have to.
RobinHood Gartner Glassdoor SeekingAlpha
WallStreet TipRanks WebTraffic
StockTwits Insiders Hedge Funds Growth %
Top stock pick

It is provided in a way where you can compare in real time where to make your investment.
Holding %

Find companies that have the potential to rise 500-700% in the next 2-3 years. Most of our current picks are in the technology sphere and hope to look into other sectors soon. If not all of them, its possible 10-15% of our recommendations can rise this much..

Smart money moves volume.

With 15000 US equities, why not go with the best tools, analysts and data. Valuation is tricky. A common thing that many people do is “buy the dip” we use scientific methods to show the exact time to buy the dip

Hedvantage is always researching, combining new data and APIs to find you The best stocks. It alerts you when there is something new.
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Stocks that you should sell a portion of.

Sometimes companies lose their competitive footing, have decreasing bookings or find out their Total addressable market is shrinking.

Its time we let people know what are most likely not the markets biggest gainers of the future

Dark pool prints can be used as key markers to help gauge direction.

Our multi-datapoint model for finding the best companies has never been published on the web before.With the latest machine learning and data science, investing in the future does not have to be a let down

The information provided below is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.
For more info, see our full disclaimer.
Utilizing dark pool print data.

Are they buying or selling? The answer is both. For every seller, there is a buyer and vice-versa so that doesn't necessarily matter. What does is the price action and behavior that follows after the transaction happens.

The purple line on the charts below indicates the price level where the "prints" or darkpool transaction(s) took place.

Bullish above the prints.

If the trend breaks above and continues through the darkpool print level, it's an indication of bullishness.

In a bullish scenario, the darkpool print level may act as resistance for some time but later breaks through it and continues it's trend. After the break above, this level may then become support.

Bearish below the prints.

If the trend breaks below and continues past the darkpool print level, it's an indication of bearishness.

In a bearish scenario, the darkpool print level may act as support for some time but later fails to hold and confirms a bearish trend. After the break below, this level may then become resistance.

Obviously, this is a very simplified version of it. Dark pool prints are best used as an indicator alongside technicals and further data. They are only one part of the picture, and should not be used to form a trading decision on their own.

Sometimes stocks are over traded or ‘not a secret’ and offer less upside. We can let you know Which stocks are a secret and which have the “cat out of the bag”
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You might think why does this not exist yet. We do not know either. With a data explosion in this new world. There is no reason not to have this tool.

Accessible from any computer or device with a web browser.

Want to know about some picks that did really well?.

A few of our picks did really well MDB, TWLO, SHOP,AYX,TEAM,ZS,VEEV and some of them didnt. Yet over time we have been getting 45% yearly returns with our system. If you have some money set aside and tired of seeing other people getting rich this might be a good way to increase your wealth. Nobody wants to let inflation get the best of them.

After your free trial, Hedvantage is only $49.99/month

No commitments and you can cancel at anytime without hassle

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Want to know how our algorithm works?.

Just imagine an analyst that has been working for 50 years that has seen it all. Jotting down everything they know about the companies and mixing it with real time stock movement. The analyst researches everything there is to know in their industry, makes sure they are a market leader . Speaking with colleagues about how the companies services or products are doing in the market, checks out what employees have to say about their own company, looks at valuation. They then looks at competition, free cash flow, new products, leadership, game changing technologies. Then they would like to know how this company compares to their peers. What if you could know all of this in real time? What about an investor relations call.

After your free trial, Hedvantage is only $49.99/month

No commitments and you can cancel at anytime without hassle

View Plans and Pricing.

Ready to get huge positive returns or alpha on your investments?.

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After your free trial, Hedvantage is only $49.99/month

No commitments and you can cancel at anytime without hassle

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