Is bitcoin back again? How do you get involved.

Is bitcoin back again? How do you get involved.

With Bitcoin back above its 2017 highs, this is uncharted territory for most people..even the bitcoin HODL’ERS (HIGH OF THE DAY)

Anyways, from experts like Danish HODL’R Anders Kargaard, bitcoin follows a 4 year bull cycle where he believes Bitcoin can reach $300,000 per coin in Q1 2022 (a little bit more then 1 year away from now). You can track his ideas and performance on Etoro

Meeting Charlie Shrem as I was his camp counselor in 2020, he told me at a dinner in 2011 that he thought bitcoin would go from $5 to $8 next month. I thought to myself..if I had Real money why would I trade it for “fake money”.

Its taken me 9 years to accept that bitcoin is the future. Every day the government creates new money and I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that are not loving this.

If there was a way to keep onto your money without getting diluted bitcoin is probably a good way.

Its not meant to be an investment, yet it happenns to be one of the greatest investments and seems like it will be the “money of the world” one day and a that time it will not appreciate like these days.

If you do not want to buy bitcoin off of sites like coinable, try buying the ticker GBTC in your brokerage account, it may pay off.

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