Guide to Valuation of Stocks Course

It's not complicated!

We start with a simple and basic stock valuation tool and as you progress in the course you can get much more sophisticated.

The Valuation of Stocks is our ultimate course and is end-to-end since it's intended to cover the entirety of the measures that thestock picking experts take while evaluating their stocks. For instance, we discuss how to value companies as well as the genuine steps that will help you to discover the best stocks with upper hands.

How Valuation of Stocks Course Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Many people would like to know how to approach valuing stocks and shares and investments in the stock market, but the terminology and concepts can be confusing and intimidating.

This course will show you valuation and investment and aims to remove the dread factor out of stocks and shares by clarifying the concepts behind valuing and investment clearly and simply.

Our course is intended for new and existing investors who need to see how experts settle on the choices they make and how valuation methods can be applied.

Overview + Objective

You'll excel this course if you have:

1. A basic understanding of an excel or google spreadsheet

2. Are enthusiastic about discovering the value of stocks

In the information age, there are some disruptive companies growing very fast 35%+ per year, and it’s hard for traditional valuation metrics from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger to deal with that.

In our course we answer your questions, some people say "I wanna jump in this stock before earnings. I'm feeling a good one". We teach you wise ways to invest to not lose your shirt and money.

Stocks can be complicated to somepeople but there are always opportunities for the sensible and disciplined investor. You may want to know what makes a stock cheap? Or Can you short an “overvalued” stock, we teach you why one should short a stock and when.

We take care of everything and anything you have in mind regarding the valuation of a stock.

We cover all aspects of your questions and issues.Here’s the checklist for those of you who are interested.