Meet the Savvy Team

Jonathan Hedvat (President and CEO) studied finance and was always interested in investing. After extensive studying and trying a few types of investments, Jonathan learned that growth investing was one of the superior ways to invest. By doing a lot of networking and meeting with the best investment professionals in the world, he learned the most beneficial tips and skills. Just like he was able to learn from different professionals, now Jonathan is here to give it all back and help others.
Do you want to be a part of Jonathan's exceptional team? A team that pushes you to be the best at what you do. Be better. Quicker. Smarter. Our team will help drive your vision forward. Line up your objectives. Help us understand what you need to accomplish. We are in this with you. Our ground-breaking campaigns have been led by the sheer diligence of these teams. Become acquainted with the talented people of our team.